Tuesday, July 29, 2008


First the press says they're out of Russia; then it says they're in. AdoptionLand wants to know what's going on, but EAC isn't talking.

As of 10:00 pm tonight, EAC hasn't posted a word on its webpage about the investigation that the Russian Ministry of Education and Science is running it through over the agency's alleged failure to inform timely, officials of the death of Dmitry Yakolev/Chase Harrison as required by Russian law. All we find is a gratuitous we-feel-your-pain-cover-your ass note on Dima's death at the top of its webpage which ends with:

We are currently assessing the situation and continuing to work with the Russian Federation in this matter.

houldn't that read: the Russian Federation is currently assessing us?

As far as the public face of EAC is concerned, everything is snug as a bug in Strongsville,

According to the EAC- friendly blogger at Russian Adoption Journey, who finds herself a tad frustrated at the agency's lack of communication, EAC isn't sharing much information with anxious paps who ask.

From "Mixed Media Message,"July 21, 2008 (emphasis mine):
Despite internet articles and blogs to the contrary, our adoption agency told me this afternoon that by all indications, they will keep their license. A formal ruling is expected Thursday. Apparently, three agencies have been banned from further Russian adoptions, but have no relevance to this case whatsoever.

Then, "No Word Yet," July 24, 2008 (emphasis mine)
So far, we've received no word from our agency, EAC, regarding the outcome of their hearing today. However, I did find this article online which sounds promising.


Rather than sit here and speculate though, I'm just going to wait and call them tomorrow.
I'm a little frustrated though that they haven't updated their website or sent out an e-mail as promised! At the very least, I feel like they should put "no decision yet" or something to keep people from going crazy due to our lack of information!

And finally, "Still on Hold" July 26 (emphasis mine):
I called the agency Friday. Although there was a meeting scheduled, one of the main Russian decision-makers is out of town on vacation, pushing any possibility of news at least two more weeks into the future. EAC did say however, that they are still receiving referrals from Russia!?!

Of course, it is! Why should a little matter of a government investigation stop high-end bottom feeders such as EAC from busine$$ as usual? What, after all, are a couple of death-by-adoptions in the global redi$tribution of children into Forever Homes and pap and adopter dollars into the EAC family purse? It's not like agencies tell anybody what they do anyway.

See, it's kind of a cult. They break you down and then build you up buttercup baby. You get a second mortgage on your house and sell your old clothes on Ebay. Your church raises $1400 for your adoption fund. Your mother-in-law loans you another $10,000 that she knows she'll never see again. You turn it all over to the agency, and it gives you baybee-saving God-endorsed entitlement to Sasha, Dasha, Pasha or Masha even if you've never seen their picture and don't know the difference between styl and stol.

The agency owns your soul and "your" agency-created child, and it can do anything with them it wants. And it will.

Welcome to the silence!

At least we now have a vague timetable of when events may play out. In 10 days or so we could know if EAC is in or out (barring the possibility that some other official will decide to take off to Latvia on a fishing trip or a week in the village). Will EAC tell us or will we have to learn it off a blog?

Read Beware BBAS: An Experiment in Literary Investigation by Dan and Elizabeth Case to see just how bad it gets.

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