Wednesday, December 30, 2009


BIG news on Masha Allen (born Mariya Nikolaevna Yashenkova) tonight.

On December 3, 2009 Faith Allen's parental rights were been terminated! Masha is once more an "orphan." Twice adopted. Twice terminated.

Custody was returned to Cambria County Children and Youth Services. Masha's whereabouts and physical and emotional well-being are unknown.

Masha's newest attorneys Francis P. Maneri and Darren Summerville have filed a motion in the US District Court for the District of New Jersey to appoint Masha's current Pennsylvania State guardian ad litem, Timothy J. Sloan, as her new representative party in the Federal complaint.

From the language of the motion, it appears Faith Allen (right) terminated her parental rights voluntarily and walked out the door. If I learn more I will post it here.

We hope that this new development marks the beginning of justice for Masha, though no amount of money can ever compensate her seemingly never-ending abuse, pain, neglect, and exploitation at the hands of Matthew Mancuso, Faith Allen, the adoption industry, venal courts, social workers, and politicians. We hope Timotohy Sloan does right by her. As I wrote a few years ago, Masha is "the Rosetta Stone of corrupt international adoption."

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also see Congressional Hearing: Exploitation of Children on the Internet: Follow-up Issues on the Masha Allen Adoption

The entire motion can be found on Marsh's blog. I am re-typing relevant parts below.

MASHA ALLEN, by her, Parent and
Guardian FAITH ALLEN, Plaintiff,


INC. , Defendants,


ADOPTION, INC., Third Party Plaintiff,


known as Family Health Council, Inc, and
trading as Family Adoption Center, Third
Party Defendant

Civil Action NO:
08-4614 (JHR)(AMD


Motion Returnable: February 1,

...By law, Masha is legally incompetent to maintain a lawsuit. At the outset of this litigation, the proper representative party Plaintiff was Faith Allen, Masha's adoptive parent. Factually and legally Faith Allen's ability to maintain this lawsuit has changed, necessitating this Motion. Plaintiff respectfully asks that this court allow amendment of the pleadings to reflect a new representative party Plaintiff, Timothy J. Sloan. Mr. Sloan has been and continues to be Masha's guardian ad litem based upon a pending action in the Juvenile Court in the Cambria County, Pennsylvania Court of Common Please ("Juvenile Court").

Alternatively, under Rule 17(s) Plaintiff asks that this Court appoint Mr. Sloan as a guardian ad litem in this matter, to prosecute the litigation in Masha's Allen's best interests.

1. Faith Allen is No Longer Masha Allen's Proper Representative

Faith Allen, as Masha Allen's Parent and Guardian, initiated this litigation on September 15, 2008...On or about August 18, 2009, Faith Allen freely and voluntarily executed a consent to adoption with respect to Masha pursuant to 23 Pa C.S.A. 2711. Because Faith Allen did not revoke this consent to adoption within the statutorily allowed 30-day revocation period, it became irrevocable subject to narrow exceptions The Orphan's Court with jurisdiction over the matter has now terminated Faith Allen's legal rights as a parent to Masha Allen. Dec. 3 Order of the Court...

For several years Masha Allen has been subject to the jurisdiction of the Juvenile Court division of the Common Please Court. As part of these proceedings, attorney Timothy J. Sloan was appointed and has continuously served as her guardian ad litem. These proceedings remain open and Mr. Sloan remains Masha's guardian ad litem.

Plaintiff's counsel has explained the status of the present litigation to Mr. Sloan who has agreed, pending this Court's permission, to serve as Masha Allen's party representative going forward. Plaintiff respectfully requests such relief.

II. Amended Under Rule 15 is Necessary and Proper.

Leave to amend should be freely given when justice requires. Fed R. Civ P 15(a))s). Plaintiff Masha Allen asks that leave be granted to amend the pleading to reflect Timothy Sloan becoming Plaintiff's party representative as her guardian ad litem. Such and amendment has become necessary give the legal impossibility of going forward in this matter with the current party representative, Faith Allen.

Faith Allen's parental rights, including the right to serve as Masha Allen's legal representative have been terminated. Masha Allen , a minor, cannot bring this lawsuit in her individual capacity. Rule 17, of course, allows an unrepresented minor to sue through her guardian ad litem. Fed. R Civ.p 17(c). Mr Sloan has been Masha Allen's guardian in a different litigation for yearsw, and is well situated to represent her interests in this matter. ...

...Faith Allen's actions have effectively stranded Masha Allen in this litigation, as Faith is no longer a proper party representative. But Mr. Sloan is, either in his current capacity or as appointed by the Court....

Wednesday, October 21, 2009


Niels at Pound Pup Legacy has put up a tremendous page on Masha Allen. The page is a 1-stop resource for activists, researchers, adoption reformers, and media who have been following the case. I was aware of some of these new developments, but hadn't had the time to write about them. Other developments are new to me.

Kudos to Niels--and those who continue to care about Masha and continue to fight!

And may those "adoption professionals," child welfare "experts" and courts who betrayed Masha burn in hell.

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Thursday, January 01, 2009


There's nothing like ringing in the new year with the classic Soviet New Year's film The Carnival Night. Made in 1956, the film is shown each year at New Year's on Russian television.

For the uneducated (which is about everybody west of the Baltic Sea) here is a synopsis of this great film:

It is the New Year's Eve and the employees of an Economics Institute are ready with their annual New Year's entertainment program. It includes a lot of dancing, singing, and even magic tricks. Suddenly, an announcement is made that a new director has been elected and that he is arriving shortly. Comrade Ogurtsov arrives in time to review and disapprove of the scheduled entertainment. To him, holiday fun has a different meaning. He imagines speakers reading annual reports to show the Institute's progress over the year, and, perhaps, a bit of serious music, something from the Classics, played by the Veterans' Orchestra.

Obviously, no one wants to change the program a few hours before the show, much less to replace it with something so boring! Now everyone has to team up in order to prevent Ogurtsov from getting to the stage. As some of them trap Ogurtsov one way or another, others perform their scheduled pieces and celebrate New Years.

Here is the show stopper performed by legendary Lyudmila Gurchenko in her first leading role.

If you can't get enough of this, go to the trailer. (The clip above is included in it). Everything about this film rocks: the apparatchik, the songs, the sets, the costumes, the dancers, the music. The best big band show I've ever seen starts at 4:48. Even if you don't know Russian, you can get the idea easy. Just think: hey kids. Let's put on a show.

С Новым Годом
S Novym Godom!

Happy New Year