Tuesday, June 22, 2010

No Justice for Masha: Part 937

Masha Allen continues to pawned through the US justice system.

James Marsh reported today on his ChildLaw Blog that Masha Allen's federal lawsuit has been dismissed due to, of all things, "failure to properly plead a basis for federal jurisdiction."

I don't know the details but according to Marsh:

Despite the trenchant involvement of a reconstructed legal team consisting of much-sought after
guardian ad litem Cambria County bankruptcy attorney Timothy J. Sloan (who replaced Masha's former mother Faith Allen as lead plaintiff), Georgia attorneys David S. Bills (who blogs anonymously about Masha's case at poundpuplegacy.org), William Q. Bird and Darren Summerville (who were originally hired by Faith Allen who reportedly now lives in Georgia), and Pennsylvania First Amendment attorney Thomas Vecchio (who replaced renowned Philadelphia attorney Robert N. Hunn who withdrew under protest last year), Masha "did not oppose (and consents to) dismissal [of the lawsuit] without prejudice on ground of lack of subject matter jurisdiction." .

27 lawyers have been involved in this case, and still Masha can't get one splinter of justice. (Where are all those politicians who vowed to help her?) She turns 18 in August and will be out from under the thumb of the state then, with unfortunately, for what it's worth, no one to handle her legal affairs. We don't know what to expect. According to Marsh, Masha has vowed to keep her case going, but we have no idea where it may go. Or where she may go.

If Masha Allen, the victim of one of the worse child trafficking cases in US history, can't get justice, how can we expect justice for anyone "touched by adoption"?

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