Sunday, June 22, 2008


On June 20 Kimberly Emelyantsev, 33, pled guilty to a lowered charge of 2nd degree felony child abuse homicide in the death of her newly adopted Russian son, 14- month old Kolya. Emelyantsev initially told police Kolya fell off a chair, but later admitted that she'd dropped him on the floor--several times--causing his death by blunt force trauma to the head. (skull fracture).

Tooele (Utah) Deputy County Attorney Gary Searle said the amended charges were part of a plea bargain.

“It wasn’t an accident, but the intent to kill the child wasn’t there either.” He promised that details of the case will come out during the sentencing hearing scheduled for August 15.

Charges of child abuse against Emelyantsev and her Russian national husband Fyodor in connection with their 4-year old adopted son Luka were dropped after authorities and the county attorney's office were unable to find enough evidence to prosecute. Fydor, held on bond since his arrest in April, will be released. Luka, and Kimberley's biological children may be returned to the couple later. Luka, like Kolya, has Down Syndrome.

Bailiff Frank Scharmann directs Kimberly Emelyantsev into 3rd District Court Friday. Emelyantsev pled guilty to second-degree felony child abuse homicide in the death of her 14-month-old adopted son.
-- photography / Troy Boman--Tooele Transcript Bulletin

UPDATE: The June 23 edition of the Salt Lake City Tribune published a similar report but with the following addition:

"The woman dropped the child on March 6 "out of pure frustration," Searle said, who added that the child was "fussy," and "a lot of things were gon on in home involving the child and the family."


Anonymous said...

How on earth did she get a reduced sentence? Sure, evaluate her for mental health issues, but to blame the baby for being fussy...repulsive!

Marley Greiner said...

That's an excellent question that a lot of people have been asking. While I certainly don't know, it seems to me that the location of the case--Utah--has everything to do with it The Emelyantsevs appear to be LDS or have an LDS connection. I think there is an good possibility that the homestudy was done by LDS, though the placement was not.