Tuesday, April 20, 2010

UPDATE: APRIL 22, 2010

I've done some long-due updating on my Memoriam page, adding Nathaniel Craver born Ivan Skorobogatov. Vanya died August 25, 2009, the result of severe beating and malnourishment. After a 6-month investigation, on February 26, 2010, His Forever Parents, Michael and Nanette Craver were arrested and charged with felony homicide, conspiracy, and child endangerment. The Cravers are scheduled for a preliminary hearing on April 29. I've been trying to dig out agency information, but nothing so far.

I have also added the Cravers to my "Killers" page and done a couple updates and clean-ups in other cases.

Brian Dykstra, accused of killing Ilya Kargyntsev/Isaac Dykstra  is finally going to trial. A pre-trial hearing is scheduled for April 29 and trial date set for May 10,2010. See the Memoriam page for details of the case.

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Anonymous said...

Since his birth 14 years ago, Valera has lived in an orphanage. To put it lightly, an orphanage is a challenging place for any child. But even more so for Valera, for he was born with no arms.

Locally, no family was able to provide Valera with the future he deserves, the life he seeks, or the unconditional love of the mom and dad he needs.

Just last year, a loving couple was found for Valera and just yesterday they adopted him! They live in the U.S. and are only his family through intercountry adoption.

Without intercountry adoption, what would have become of Valera? Who would have tucked him in at night? Who would have dryed his tears? Who would have been there on his wedding day?

Anonymous said...

Moscow Times is running today with the story that the Russian authorities want the right to prosecute US adopters - through a new international treaty.

Main US-Russia negotiations are scheduled for May 12

Extremely unlikely that the US will agree to citizens being extradited to face charges, or allow Russians to prosecute in US courts so expect these talks to come to nothing. Russia isn't going to be open to US adoption for some time yet.