Saturday, April 10, 2010

Saveliev/Hansen Case: Torry Hansen a No-Show for "Talk" with Local Sheriff

Adoptee dumpers Torry Hansen and her mother Nancy finally bought a clue and a real lawyer--and then failed to show up for a sitdown Friday with Bedford County (TN) Sheriff Randall Boyce. Here's the intro to a long article in Saturday's Shelbyville Times-Gazette about his area's international pariahs.

The mother and grandmother of a young adopted Russian boy sent by himself back to Moscow failed to make an appointment they had originally scheduled Friday to talk to Bedford County Sheriff Randall Boyce about the case.

Boyce told media representatives Friday that Torry Hansen would not be showing up at his department, but "may be here sometime next week."

"She called and said her attorney didn't think it was in her best interest at this point ... mainly because of the media being here," Boyce said.

Boyce told the press:

"This is an international deal ... and we're going to handle it a little bit at a time so we don't make a mistake," he said, adding that his department had never dealt with this kind of situation before.

Here is his interview:

Does Sheriff Boyce look like somebody who is flattered to chitchat with State Department and Russian Embassy officials? Does he look like somebody who enjoys a hundred media crews camping out in his town and chasing away "customers?" Does he appear to be somebody who will cut the Hansens slack?

I spent a couple years in South Georgia. Don't judge these good ol' boys by their cover.

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Anonymous said...

I hope that the authorities will carefully investigate if that single mother used the typical feminist fake allegations to get rid of a "violent and psychopathic" 8-year old child. What that mother did is VERY "violent and psychopathic", and she still has another child

BD said...

What Torry Hansen did may be "psychopathic" (though I'd not medicalize it in such terms) calling it "the typical feminist fake allegations..." insults women in general and me, as a lifelong feminist activist, particularly. Hansen is, instead, a typical entitled US twit (possibly an evangelical) looking for a perfect child to fill up the hole in her life. When Arem didn't fill it up, off he went. It's an especially American way of doing things and has nothing to do with feminism.

Anonymous said...

Don't judge until you have the full stories. I personally know many adoptive parents going through this same thing. Their children have rage, PTSD, RAD, ADHD, Bipolar, etc., and YES they are diagnosed as such.
In the USA pediatric Psychiatric care is rare and if you can find a facilitiy (they usually want to house the more violent types) it is $40-60K a year minimum. Your insurance will generally not cover this. You could disrupt your adoption through the courts, however this case sounds like the child never got an American citizenship papers? (his status and lack of birth certificate are unclear) Disrupting through the county is expensive but it has been done and the child ends up being the responsibility in Foster care upon the US Taxpayer's expense. Many of these Adoption Agencies that work in Russia are partnering with what they think is an orphanage but it is a detention center for juvenile delinquents. My family came from a former Russian Soviet state, they like nothing more but to dump their undesireables onto some unsuspecting American willing to shell out $30,000+.
Lastly as most of us know there is an underground network in the USA of disrupted adoptions of International Children because there is no recourse for these parents. If you go to Yahoo groups- search under disrupted Adoptions there are about 4 groups that work togehter for independent adoptions or respite for the parents. Anonymous, don't label this adoptive mother as "violent and psychopatic:, you have no idea what she struggled with and the lack of resources there are.
Don't think for a moment the placing agency will help you, most don't know how or have you sign a "waiver of liability" the adoption is a business transaction, they fulfilled their end by finding you a kid. END OF STORY

Arthur Lookyanov said...

Misled by Nancy Hansen, I met Artem in Domodedovo airport at 10:45 am on April 8, 2010 and the whole day I spent this this boy till he was taken into hospital #21. Due to the fact that the media may wrongly interpret events without knowing the details of what happened, I decided to write full story in details about how I came up into this story and what happened at those crazy for my day... You are welcome to read the truth...

Anonymous said...

Arthur I read your message and e mails from Hansen.
I don't think misleading you was the right thing to do. Not trying to make excuses for Hansen but if she would have flown Artem herself to Russia and left without him, I think we all would have been more understanding.
Please find a nice Russian home for Artem. The culture shock and adaption to a new family in another country is enough to make any child with issues become worse. I understand this child, I also understand from the Hanson's point of view.
This was just a bad fit and there is accountability that should be placed on the social workers, the Adoption Agency WACAP, social workers of Russia and the post placement investigators.
I hope Russia does stop adoptions to the USA for awhile, some of these Agencies like WACAP who made over $4 million in revenues in 2008(majority from Russian Adoptions) should be forced to invest into therapy programs in Russia, and show accountbility and responsibility. If they choose to do business in Russia make them pay $$$ to make your program better, and the lives of the children better.
Also I hope Russia demands post placement reportss of Russian Aadoptees for up to 3 years after the placement, signed contract with the Agency, The Ministry of Russia and the Adoptive parent. If you all go to PEAR's page (Parents for Ethical Adoption Reform) there is already a list of Adoption agencies in the USA that the Russian Government has given as non-compiiant with post placement reports.
This person conducting post placement reports must be a LICENSED clinical Social worker, not an MSW -HOLD THEM ACCOUNTABLE BY THEIR LICENSURE
Artur lets hope we can made this right for the children.