Thursday, April 15, 2010

JCICS Attempts to Flood 'Net and Russia with "Positive Adoption Stories"

Just like cockroaches under the sink, JCICS is all over the Internet today with its We are the Truth Petition and National Adoption Blogger Day--all meant to force Russia to shut up and to continue send their orphans to US Forever Homes--while, of course, decrying the Saveliev/Hansen case as an "rare" exception., not systemic rot.

I was going to write about this, but Baby Love Child has already done it (and- shameless plug-- also promoted by Russian work): Russian adoptees & an "Adoption Blogger Day" Ah! How Special

Today the Joint Council on International Children’s Services (JCICS) an adoption industry trade lobby here in the U.S. desires to clog social media with “positive adoption stories” in other words, adopter spam, (and no doubt grateful adoptee spam as well) culled from its member agencies’ adoptive parents files and email lists in a last ditch desperate attempt to try to stop Russia from ending American adoptions in the wake of the one way flight that took Artyem Saviliev from his “forever family” in the United States back to Russia.

They’ve called for an “Adoption Blogger Day.” Note that it’s not an Adoptee Blogger Day, because some of what Bastards have to say doesn’t exactly line up with the industry’s program.

Each of those tweets or FB entries or blog posts are calibrated towards a specific goal, ensuring inter-country adoptions continue. In other words, astro-turfing up a blizzard of ‘adoption is wonderful’ aimed at international adoption policy and maintaining the import of Russian adoptees.

Followed by an important long critique.

How about adding your own "adoption story? Twitter: #AdoptionBloggerDay


Addenda, April 16: JCICS now has a We Are the Truth video using cute Russian adoptees to pimp the industry. No mention that JCIC's own (then) adoption ethics honcho Jeannene Smith sold Masha "Allen" to pedophile Matthew Mancuso and never lifted a finger to help her post-placement and midlead and lied to the FBI and Congress to boot.

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Anonymous said...

Ah such sweet stories; What about this one?
Ohio family knows
Tennessee mom's plight

Parallels between two international adoptions
are eerie

BY LOU WHITMIRE • • April 19,

SHELBY -- Diane Williams knows the torment of
Torry Hansen, who last week sent her 7-year-old
adopted son on a one-way flight to Moscow with a
note saying he was violent and mentally ill.

Williams -- like the mother in Tennessee -- worked
with an international agency to adopt a son. She and h
er husband welcomed Jacob, 3 years old at the
time, into their Ohio home from a Romanian

Now 15, Jacob suffers from numerous psychological
problems, including attention deficit disorder,
reactive attachment disorder and post traumatic
stress disorder.

Williams said she understands Hansen's deep

"Jacob's always been difficult to parent," she said.

In 2009, his psychological problems escalated and
he began hurting himself by cutting and biting.

"I don't mean nibble. He takes a chunk out of his
arms," his mother said.

At one point, Jacob inserted sewing needles into his
hand and had to undergo surgery to have them
removed. Last April, he made the first of numerous
suicide attempts, trying to hang himself in the
backyard. His mother said he survived because the
rope he was using broke.

However difficult the worry and pain, Williams said
she'd never give up Jacob -- and she questioned
what her fellow adoptive mother did, finally, to try to
fix the problems.

"When you adopt, you make a lifelong commitment
to that child," she said.


Williams is following the Hansen case closely --
little wonder given the eerie parallels of their lives.

The Williamses hail from Shelby, while Hansen
resides in Shelbyville, Tenn. Both mothers work as
nurses -- perhaps felicitous given the challenges of
adopting and raising mentally ill boys.

Each woman's son, adopted from a former Eastern
Bloc country, grew increasingly unstable, even v
iolent, making his American family live in fear.

The adoptive grandmother of the Russian boy,
Artyom Savelyev, told the Associated Press of her
Tennessee family's fear the 7-year-old would burn
their house down -- with them in it.

For the Williams family, the possibility of a house
fire was more than a fear.

One night last July, Shelby firefighters were called to
the Williams' split-level home to extinguish a fire
Jacob started in a crawl space. He later was charged
with felony arson, but the case was dismissed
because he was in a treatment program, his mother

Anonymous said...

It is unfair to paint all parents negatively because of these unfit monsters.

My son was adopted from Russia and our family loves him more every day. He is so special, bright and loving.

Our wish is that all children can experience the love of a family, and be treated with respect for the special people that they are.