Friday, January 08, 2010


This week James Marsh has published two blogs about Masha Allen's case:

PA's lax judicial oversight in the Masha Allen case :

During the past four years numerous questions have been raised about how and why then-Allegheny County Judge Cheryl Lynn Allen was allowed to preside over the adoption of Masha Allen by her namesake and former roommate Faith Allen.

Includes links Marsh's documents regarding Masha (Have a strong stomach and a crash helmet on while reading.)

Masha Allen's celebrated adoption--What went wrong?, a collection of quotes from the the media and public figures who supposedly stood in Masha's corner, including this from Cong. Phil Gingrey (above left with Masha and Faith Allen's Angel in Adoption co-sponsor):

Faith Allen is a shining example of the selfless love adoptive parents give their children. Faith is more than just Masha’s adoptive mother; she is her pillar of support, providing encouragement as Masha bravely shares her story. Everyone who spends time with Faith and Masha feels the warmth and kindness that make Faith an Angel in Adoption.”

Gingrey hung Marsha out to dry when allegations of abuse by Faith were made known to him. To quote Marsh, Gingrey claimed it was a "'parental rights issue'" and related that Masha was a 'bad kid' who was 'causing trouble' for her 'loyal and dedicated' award-winning foster-adopt mom Faith Allen."

I don't want to reinvent the wheel. Go over to Pound Pup Legacy and read Niel's extensive Masha Page. Currently there is a very informative discussion posted under The untold story of Masha Allen.. Though originally posted last fall, this entry it has recently picked up speed. If you read nothing else about Masha read this one.

When will Masha have justice?

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