Friday, August 15, 2008


Chris Hilt and his daughter Natalyia have posted Remembering Nina, a lovely tribute page to their daughter and sister, Nina. Nina was beaten to death by Chris's now ex-wife, Peggy Sue, in July 2005.

The page holds dozens of pictures of Nina. They show her happy, playful, affectionate, and loved by Chris, Natalyia, extended family, and friends. I especially like the picture in the top left corner of the front page: a very determined little girl looking like she's ready to take on corporate America or a particularly difficult math problem.

I am so happy to see this page. These children are not abstractions They need to be remembered as real people with context, dignity, and lives that were worth living and were lived--not just statistics or ideological props in a grubby adoption war.

Please remember Nina and light a candle for her on her page.


Also go to Viktor Matthey's memorial page, Viktor's Promise,

Both memorial pages are permanently linked here.

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