Thursday, July 10, 2008


Another Russian adoptee has died, this time in Herdon, Virginia.

Tuesday, Chase Harrison, 21 months, of Purcellville, died after being left in his adoptive father's Yukon for "several hours." (here, here, and here. ) The father, Miles, Harrison, 49, was supposed to drop the boy off at daycare, but drove to work instead, "forgetting" that the boy was in the car. Chase was discovered around 5:00 PM last night when a co-worker reported he saw something in Harrison's SUV. (The windows are tinted.) Yeterday's temperature reached 91 degrees. According to a study from the Center for Disease Control and Prevention, the temperature inside the Yukon would have ranged from 131-172 degrees.

Miles Harrison is the managing relocation manager for Project Solutions Group. He collapsed in the parking lot and has been hospitalized since Chase was pronounced dead. Police expect to charge him with manslaughter, which carries as much as a 10 year prison term. The adoptive mother, Carol Harrison, 45, is not implicated. They have no other children.

Chase was adopted three months ago, but no further information on the adoption has been released.

I will be adding Chase to Forever Family--Forever Dead, but am waiting for more information before it goes up in a formal form.

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