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(Originally published April 19, 2008)

Recently Peggy Sue Hilt was featured in the WE documentary Women Behind Bars. Hilt was convicted of 2nd degree murder in the beating death of her Forever Russian Adoptee, Nina, born Viktoria Bazhenova. Vika was 2 1/2 years old when she died on July 2, 2005. She was adopted from a Siberian orphanage about 6 months earlier. We do not know who conducted the home study, but Vika was placed with the Hilts by Adoptions International in Dallas, Tx. owned by adoption attorney Jody Hall. The agency refers to adoption as "the best experience of your life."

After Viktoria's murder, the couple's older Forever Adoptee, Nataliya Oksana, (born Olga, last name unknown) adopted from Ukraine through an independent adoption handled by Cathy Harris, was placed in protective custody with an adoptive aunt. Last we heard, Hilt's husband Christopher, who was not implicated in the murder, was divorcing his wife and seeking permanent custody of Nataliya. Peggy Sue Hilt was sentenced to 35 years in prison (with 10 years suspended and another 5 years of post-release probation). Her projected release date is 2022.

The following is taken from the WE website. It is an account by First Sergeant John Buttner, Sup. of the Crimes Against Children Unit of the Wake Forest Police Department. WARNING: graphic testimony follows:

As we carefully entered Nina's [victim] bedroom there were noticeable small fluid stains on the floor in the middle of the room. Along with the stains were numerous strands of hair. More than should ever be in one small area. Upon looking into the bed there was a considerable amount of what appeared to be blood stains on the pillow. For the first time I truly realized just how severe the assault was on the victim who wasn't even 3 years old yet. For a brief moment, I was caught up with images in my mind of what went on there just a few days before. I then had to clear my mind from the troubling images and focus again on what we were there for. We even found blood in the other daughter's bed on a pillow where Nina was placed by Peggy when she wouldn't go to sleep in her bed.

According to Prosecutor Paul Ebert as reported in the Raleigh News-Observer

This child had numerous bruises and at least one laceration and internal injury... It took a long time to kill this child.

This is the woman who murdered Viktoria
Bazhenova aka Nina Hilt. Before and After:

And another Before and After picture. The Hilts look like they're auditioning for a community theatre production of Grease. (Thanks to E Case for the "glamor shot" heads up.) The Hilt Family webpage is here.

According to defense attorney, William Stephens. Peggy Sue Hilt is a closet alcoholic who started drinking when she was 12 but never sought help for her problems.

Yet she passed two home studies and was seen fit by the adoption industry to adopt other people's children.

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